Pure water with a clean conscience

 Hydrofoss explained

Global access to clean water

Hydrofoss is the global leader in making chemical-free clean water from vacuum evaporation based on a unique patented technology called ScaleGuard®.

Our product range covers water distiller units (WDU), which can clean water for the maritime and inland market, and wastewater treatment systems (WTS), which can clean biologically contaminated water. All our products can be customised to meet any specific requirements.

Hydrofoss is the sustainable, healthy and economically sound choice, when bringing clean water to the world.

Inland Water Supply

More efficient and reliable than any other water distiller unit. 

Maritime Water Supply

An economically sound high-quality solution.

Wastewater Treatment 

A superior choice when cleaning contaminated water

Pure chemical-free water

Hydrofoss is a sustainable choice. All of our solutions come with an integrated ScaleGuard® system that automatically removes scale with ultrasonic cleaning.

From well to tap, no chemicals are added.

Low energy consumption

Optimising the energy consumption is a cornerstone of our system. With the
integrated ScaleGuard® system we do not need to continuously flush the system
with cold chemical-filled water.

We can keep the saline water in the system until almost all of it has evaporated and become 
distilled water.

This unique technology has made it possible to improve the energy performance
by 30% compared to the market standard.

Liters of water cleaned


Green energy

We can offer our system as either a standalone or as a turnkey solution, including the supply of power. With high energy utilisation, you can power the plant solely with the use of renewable, sustainable and clean energy.

Surplus heat
Surplus heat from engines and factory machinery is an efficient and economic power supply.

Solar panels can be mounted on top of the container, making them easy to transport and install.

For a longterm installation in a windy area, a windmill is a sound solution for power supply. 

Heat generated from biomass of locally grown plants or waste wood.


The combination of a turnkey stand-alone unit, minimum maintenance and low wastewater outlet makes it possible to make clean water in parts of the world, where it was previously not achievable.

We can quickly clean unsafe drinking water in disaster areas, where our assistance is needed for a limited period of time. We can also make long-term arrangements in for instance refugee camps or the food industry.

Remote monitoring

With our remote monitor system, we can monitor all vital parts of the system from our service office. If a part of the system needs to be checked, we will contact the local staff or crew with service guide instructions. This minimizes downtime and ensures low maintenance costs.


Hydrofoss is not just a green solution, it is also a good investment. The combination of huge savings on chemicals, a cost-saving Smart Service concept and only one annual service required will also save you money from day one. 

Pioneering sustainable freshwater making

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