What we do

We clean all types of chemical- and biologically contaminated water. The clean distilled water can be reused in the production. Making it an evironmental friendly and cost-saving solution.

Biogas Wastewater

Cleaning wastewater and recyle the treated water in the biogas production. 

Scrubber Sludge

Cleaning scrubber sludge for reused in the scrubber system.

Industrial Wastewater 

Cleaning all types of industrial contaminated water

How we do it

At Hydrofoss we clean wastewater by vacuum evaporation. We use a heat exchanger to boil the wastewater. The chemicals cannot follow the vapour witch separates the distilled water from the contaminated water. This process generates scale on the evaporator plates, which requires a lot of maintenance. We solve this with our cleaning system called Scale Guard.

This process reducess the wastewater by more than 95%.


All of our solutions come with our unique cleaning system called ScaleGuard®. It is automatically activated for two minutes every hour. Securing that the system is always clean - no matter how aggressive the wastewater is.

We use no chemicals and no filters.

Low energy consumption

With ScaleGuard we do not need to make excessive flushing of the evaporator plates. We can keep the hot wastewater in the system. Making it at energy efficient system. 

Standard systems must continuously flush their evaporator plates with cold chemical-filled water to clean the system. More hot water is the required to keep the water at boiling point. This excessive flushing cost a lot of energy and gives more wastewater that must be deposited.


Hydrofoss is a sustainable choice. All of our solutions come with an integrated ScaleGuard® system that automatically removes scale.

From beginning to end no chemicals are added.

Smart monitoring system

With our Hydrofoss Smart monitoring system you can remote monitor and analyses how your Hydrofoss product is performing via a series of sensors.

You’ll know early on if something isn’t performing as expected, and you can take action before the problem becomes crucial. That way you will reduce unscheduled maintenance, improve availability, reduce repair costs, plan repair logistics more efficiently.


Hydrofoss is not just a green solution, it is also a good investment.

With a our scrubber cleaner you will save you 69% every year in maintenance cost compared to a centrifuge.

ROI for a Hydrofoss scrubber cleaner is only 18 month.

Our products are heavy buildt and have no movable parts. Expected life time of a Hydrofoss product is therefore 15 years - 3 times as long a centrifuge solution.

Compact & durable design

A Hydrofoss unit has a compact design. We only need the footprint of a euro pallet.

We have no moving parts that can wear. We use materials from Danish suppliers of the highest quality, designed to withstand even the toughest chemicals.


Keep up with new developments and tendencies in the field.

Ferry company orders a scrubber sludge cleaning system

We are delighted and proud to announce that a major international ferry company has chosen a Hydrofoss solution to clean their scrubber sludge.

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Cooperation with Kemi-Tech

We are proud to announce that Kemi-Tech and Hydrofoss have agreed to make a cooperation regarding cleaning their chemical wastewater.

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Cleaning Scrubber sludge

In September we cleaned 10 tons of scrubber sludge for a ferry company. Below is a picture of before and and after the cleaning process.

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