HydroSea - maritime water supply

Our maritime products make it easy to produce clean chemical-free water. The ScaleGuard® system ensures that the evaporator plates are always clean and efficient.

With this system, there is no need for daily surveillance and maintenance by the crew, thus making it a timesaving and safe solution with less downtime.

The HydroSea is available in 24 and 36 tons per day.

Where and What?
A HydroSea is used in the maritime industry to clean seawater so it can be used as domestic water. 

  • Commercial vessels
  • Off-shore industry
  • Fish farms

Features and benefits

  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Only 1 yearly annual service secure low downtime
  • Maintenance friendly design
  • No chemicals from well to tap
  • Automatic self-cleaning system
  • 50% lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Superior reliability

Do you want to know more?

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