During a typical 20-year life cycle of a Hydrofoss plant, it is exposed to changing conditions that may affect its operation. Therefore, it is important to make serviced annually. This will minimize downtime and ensure stable operation of the system throughout its life.

Hydrofoss' service programme offers three service concepts. Common to the service agreements is that they ensure the optimal operation of your Hydrofoss system throughout its lifetime.

We believe in delivering excellent customer service

It is the soul of our company to give our customers a world class service.

We believe in leaving no footprint

We will never add any chemicals in the process of making clean water. We believe that it makes no sense to pollute the same water that we use to make drinking water.

We believe in challenging status quo

The evaporation technology has been known for centuries but has not evolved. We decided to do it better, and we succeeded. Our constant mind-set of always challenging status quo will never change.

Our history

Hydrofoss was originally founded with the intention of making pure drinking water for sea vessels. In the beginning of 2018 we saw an opening in the market for wastewater cleaning. This resulted in a modification of our product to be fitted for wastewater cleaning.

In May 2018, Kemi-Tech ordered the first Hydrofoss wastewater cleaning system. Specially designed to clean chemical wastewater.

I November 2018 a major ferry company ordered a Hydrofoss solution for cleaning their scrubber sludge.

These two requests have resulted in a product that completely changes the way wastewater is cleaned. A chemical-free wastewater cleaning system that can help companies reuse their wastewater in the production. A both green and economic sound solution.


April 2012

Hydrofoss Ltd. founded

October 2012

Test of Hydrofoss flow plates

March 2013

Initial test of ScaleGuard® cleaning system

September 2013

Functionality test of 1st Generation freshwater vacuum evaporator

December 2013 - February 2014

1st sea trial test 'Naja Arctica'

May 2014 - October 2014

2nd sea trial test 'Naja Arctica'

May 2015

Test of 2nd Generation freshwater vacuum evaporator

March 2016

Test of 2nd Generation ScaleGuard® system

November 2017

Trial test of 3rd Generation freshwater vacuum evaporator at Fynsværket.

Marts 2018

Full-Scale test of 1th Generation vacuum evaporator designed for cleaning wastewater

Maj 2018

Kemi-Tech orders a HydroPure i2.4 cleaning system

October 2018

Cleaning 10 ton of scrubber water at Fynsværket

November 2018

A major ferry company orders a HydroPure s19 scrubber cleaning system


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Brian Sangill

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Board member

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