Vision and Values

What we believe is what we do - without compromise.

These are not just words. We live by them in everything we say and do.

We believe in global access to clean water

Over two billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water services. It is the soul of our company to change that for the better.

We believe in leaving no footprint

We will never add any chemicals in the process of making clean water. We believe that it makes no sense to pollute the same water that we use to make drinking water.

We believe in challenging status quo

The evaporation technology has been known for centuries but has not evolved. We decided to do it better, and we succeeded. Our constant mind-set of always challenging status quo will never change.

Our history

Hydrofoss was originally founded with the intention of making a sustainable water distiller unit for sea vessels. This has since resulted in a product that completely changes the way clean water is made.

Not only have we created a unique product for the maritime industry. Our continuous product development has also resulted in a chemical-free wastewater solution that can help companies reuse their prosses water. A both green and economic sound solution.

Saline water wells is a huge problem in African refugee camps as it is not safe to drink, making it hard to collect water for the women and children. With our HydroSave, we can clean the saline water wells making it 100% save to drink. 


April 2012

Hydrofoss Ltd. founded

October 2012

Test of Hydrofoss patented flow plates

March 2013

Initial test of integrated ultra sonic system

September 2013

Functionality test of complete WDU unit

December 2013 - February 2014

1st sea trial test 'Naja Arctica'

May 2014 - October 2014

2nd sea trial test 'Naja Arctica'

May 2015

Test of 2nd Generation flow plates

March 2016

Test of 2nd Generation ScaleGuard® system

August 2017

Maritime WDU unit ready for commercial introduction

November 2017

Initial test of multi stage WDU with integrated ScaleGuard®


Brian Sangill


Mads Willum


Board Members

Nils Henrik Wegner


Brian Sangill

Board member

Mads Willum

Board member

Why choose Hydrofoss?

  • No chemicals from well to tap
  • 50% lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Control of your maintenance costs with Smart Service 
  • 30% better energy utilisation
  • Wastewater/brine outlet of only 10% 
  • We only use sustainable energy

Do you want to know more?

If you have a project, a challenge, or just want to know more about our products, we would love to hear from you.