HydroSave - inland water supply

Due to high energy utilisation and low wastewater outlet, HydroSave has unique features for producing clean drinking water in non-coastal areas.

Our Inland product range is delivered as turnkey solutions and is built with solid materials. They are highly mobile and delivered in 10’ to 40’ containers.

Our plants are powered by renewable energy such as engine surplus heat, solar, windmill or biomass. Powered merely by the sun, a HydroSafe unit can make clean water for 6,000 people.

We can deliver Inland solutions which can deliver from 2 - 360 tons clean water per day.


Where and What?
A HydroSave can be used in a variety of places and situations. We can clean saline- or contaminated water from water wells, rivers, rainwater, lakes etc. This can be vital in situations such as:

  • Flooding of water wells causing contaminated drinking water
  • Saline water wells
  • When using contaminated rivers or lakes as drinking water.
  • Cities with an unstable supply of drinking water
  • Companies can be self-supplied with clean water.


Features and benefits

  • Environmental friendly
  • Remarkably hight water utility
  • One single container can supply water to 6000 people
  • Superior reliability due to the use of durable materials and components
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Automatic self-cleaning system
  • Long service intervals for minimal downtime
  • Remote monitoring through Hydrofoss remote monitoring system
  • Plug & play installation
  • Sustainable energy such as solar power or wind power

Do you want to know more?

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