Industrial wastewater cleaning

The HydroPure i-range is specifically designed for cleaning chemically and biologically-contaminated water. The wastewater is treated with a uniquely designed vacuum evaporator that separates the distilled water from the residue sewage.

Wastewater enters the evaporator section of the plate pack, where it is heated and evaporated. The vapor is cooled by a flow of wastewater, and condensed into clean water. Using the wastewater as a cooling medium generates a closed circuit, and cuts energy costs.

The distilled water is recycled into production, reducing the wastewater outlet by 95%.

HydroPure i1

The HydroPure i1 is a closed loop solution where we reuse the steam to preheat the wastewater. This is a highly compact and energy efficient choice.


Energy consumption:

25 kWh/m3


2-25 tons/day per unit

Power supply:

Surplus heat from production or boiler

Inlet temperatur supply:

Min 80-90o

Concentrated waste for disposal:

< 5%

Control system:

PLC with internet and remote monitoring

Footprint L x B x H:

760 x 700 x 2060 mm


410 kg

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