Service agreements

During a typical 20-year life cycle of a Hydrofoss plant, it is exposed to changing conditions that may affect its operation. Therefore, it is important to make serviced annually. This will minimize downtime and ensure stable operation of the system throughout its life.

Hydrofoss' service programme offers three service concepts. Common to the service agreements is that they ensure the optimal operation of your Hydrofoss system throughout its lifetime.


With a Hydrofoss SmartBasic service subscription, we increase your economic security. When our service is needed we offer you a fixed price for scheduled as well as unplanned maintenance tasks, so you do not get incidental expenses.

The service agreement covers a period of two to five years with the option of extending the contract with an unlimited number of laps.

How does Smartbasic work?

We will notify you when
it is time for your yearly service

You dismount the
evaporator unit.

You swap the evaporator 
unit with a new, and 
return the use 
unit to us

Mount the new
evaporator unit

Produce clean water for a another year


In the Smartplus service agreement, we will make one annual service check with all consumables, service hours and spare parts included. Only expenses related to the replacement of main components are not included in the service agreement.

The service agreement covers a period of three to five years with the option of subsequently extending the contract with up to five years of two laps.

How does Smartplus work?


We remote monitor the performance of all vital parts


Hydrofoss conducts an anual service.

If maintenance is required we offer

a fixed price before sending a 

Hydrofoss certified engineer. 


Onsite service / maintenance

is conducted.


You can now continue to produce water

or clean wastewater with annual service

cost covered by Hydrofoss.


With a Hydrofoss Smartall-inclusive service subscription, you have no incidental expenses and, thus, full control of your cash flow. We take care of routine services and mechanical repairs including spare and main parts.

With a Smartall-inclusive service agreement, you also get access to our Smart Monitoring System software (SMS) that monitors the Hydrofoss system at all times of the day.

The service agreement covers a period of three to five years with the option of subsequently extending the contract with up to five years of two laps.

How does Smartall-inclusive work?


We analyse how all vital parts

are performing with Hydrofoss

Smart Monitoring System.


If service or maintenance 

is needed we send a

Hydrofoss certified engineer.


Onsite service/maintenance

is conducted.


You can now continue to produce

clean water with service- and

 maintenance cost covered

by Hydrofoss.

Smart Monitoring System

The Smart monitoring system analyses how your Hydrofoss product is performing via a series of sensors. You’ll know early on if something isn’t performing as expected, and you can make service and maintenance before a problem becomes crucial and causes prolonged downtime. That way you will reduce unscheduled maintenance, improve availability, reduce repair costs, plan repair logistics more efficiently, and add value long-term.

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